Survey and Documentation

During September, October and November, our field-work volunteers conducted surveys of Star Bush populations throughout Emerald and surrounding areas. Sadly, some roadside populations that were documented in 2008 have been lost. On a more positive note, due to residents making contact with us at Emerald market, we were able to identify and document significant colonies on private land which were previously unknown. Due to the generosity of these residents, we now have access to cutting material, which will help us preserve and restore populations on public land.

Following the Star Bush surveys discussed above, Cardinia Shire Council has been contacting residents, offering advice and distributing showbags containing information and Star Bush goodies produced by the Emerald Star Bush Partnership such as stickers, bookmarks and coasters.

If you think you might have Star Bushes on your land and would like to have them properly identified, please email us on Please note that heavy fines apply for destroying Star Bushes, so it’s better to be safe than sorry!

3 thoughts on “Survey and Documentation

  1. Are efforts to preserve the Emerald Star Bush being made such that plants or seedlings are available from any source, perchance? I’m gradually planting only local indigenous plants on my half-acre block in the Mount Evelyn corner of Lilydale (Edinburgh Road), and the opportunity to plant an Emerald Star Bush would seem a wonderful opportunity for both my block and the species!

    • Hi Ian

      Thanks for your message. We have the Helmeted Honeyeater Nursery growing plants from cuttings for the group. We are also having some success growing from seed which is a major milestone and something that has taken a while to achieve. Next Sunday 18th we will have some for sale at our stall at the Emerald Market so come on down and grab one if you like. They are quite easy to grow from cuttings and we have information on the best way to do this.

      If you like I can put you on our mailing list too so you can stay in touch with what the group it doing.


      • Not having heard anything back for some weeks, I gave up checking – only just found your reply. I would like to go on your mailing list, thanks, and have given you my e-mail address.

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