Due to the endangered conservation status and with the exceptionally low number of plants in the wild, it is important that the entire community contributes to preserving this fragile species.

You can help preserve this plant and encourage its wider distribution by giving it a helping hand if you find it on your property. Small populations have been found on road-sides and on nature strips within Cardinia Shire Council.

If you do find the Emerald Star Bush please do not mow or cut the plant. Try and allocate 2-3 metres around the plant/s to leave as a buffer zone. The larger the buffer zone, the better. Site experience is now showing new seedlings are likely to germinate in the unmown areas if they are not disturbed.

To help manage the plant/s it is advisable to place a small marker stake in the vicinity of the plant so that you can located it at a later date.

You can also help by carefully removing any weed species growing near the Emerald Star Bush. Common shrubby weeds that may be confused with Emerald Star Bush include; Flax-leaf Broom, Flaxleaf Fleabane, Spanish Heath and small Sweet Pittosporum plants.

The Cardinia Shire Council Environment team can assist with identifying native or weed species if you are unsure the plant is a pest. The Cardinia Shire Council’s ‘Weed Identification Guide’ booklet is also a good resource to help identify weeds.

Small infestations of weeds are best removed by hand. Hand removal is low impact, environmentally friendly. It is important to remove all root matter when removing weeds by hand. The use of herbicides in the vicinity of the Emerald Star Bush is not encouraged as ‘herbicide spray drift’ in the wind can kill the plants.

Star Bush plants can be difficult to see, especially out of flowering season, so the Project team are placing blue stakes next to each plant, to help protect them. These stakes are there as markers for the team to easily locate plants for survey purposes and for residents to be able to know where they are to work around when gardening. Please do not remove any of these stakes.

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