Greeting Cards
With watercolour painting by local artist Chris A’Vard Britton
photo of cards_sml
Beautiful greeting cards featuring the Emerald Star Bush on the front and printed on 100% post consumer recycled paper, using solar power in production. These environmentally-friendly quality cards are for sale at $5 each and can be found in different outlets around town. All proceeds will be used by the Emerald Star Bush Community Partnership Project to continue its work in protecting this threatened species.

The HOPE Project
Symbolic jewellery for bushfire communities

baliAustralian Si Yi Chen, 30, has established the HOPE project, a rehabilitative silver making program inside Kerobokan jail in southern Bali. The goal of the program is to offer inmates a trade skill that they are able to use upon release to get a good job. Si Yi is devoted to the practice of Taoism and his jewellery designs are created around nature and symbolism.

He has been commissioned to design work for high risk communities, focusing on things that are in danger or symbolise renewal. They include the Emerald Starbush Flower, Kinglake Fern and Flowerdale Tree. He is currently designing the Leadbeater’s Possum, Victoria’s symbol for endangered species.

Sales of HOPE jewellery support the project, buying more silver and tools to keep this important program running. Si Yi Chen is currently serving life in Kerobokan Prison.

starbush necklaceIf you would like to support the HOPE Project and the awareness of the Emerald Star Bush, beautiful silver pendants and earrings are for sale at the Emerald market or through the Emerald Community House. Both are great value at $25 each and we sold many last year.

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