Germination Testing

One of the great mysteries of the Star Bush is that no one knows what makes the seeds germinate. If we could crack this puzzle, we could do a lot more to save it, as plants grown from seed have mush stronger root systems than plants grown from cuttings. We are seeking landowners with Star Bushes on their property who will allow us to conduct some field trials. If you are interested, email

Star Bush at Emerald Market

The Star Bush Partnership held a stall at Emerald Market in August and September and will do so again in October. This has been an excellent opportunity for residents to find out more about the Star Bush. A number of locals have reported they have Star Bushes growing on their properties. This is great news as it gives us a potential source of cuttings. Still more have expressed an interest in planting Star Bushes when they become available. The next round of seedlings will be available in March. Come and say hello at our October Market and put your name down for a Star Bush when they are ready!

Roadside signage and survey

During the month of September, volunteers accompanied Cardinia Shire Council staff on a tour of known roadside star bush populations in Cardinia Shire. The purpose was to choose locations for “significant roadside conservation area” signage and to check on numbers. Sadly, a number of plants have been lost this year due to unseasonably hot weather in March and roadworks. The good news is that a previously undocumented plant was found in Aura Vale Rd and the rest of the colony in that area appears to be thriving. During the next couple of months, signage will be installed and vulnerable plants staked to protect them from mowing.